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The Lineup:

12pm           Becky Rae Dalton

1pm             Space Jam

1:45pm        Mike Poot

3:00pm        The 4OnTheFloor

5:00pm        Possessed by Paul James

6:45pm        The Weathered Souls

8:30pm        Drayton Farley

*all times are approximate

Drayton Farley - Photo 1.jpg

Alabama native Drayton Farley has as honest a voice as you're likely to hear in this burgeoning scene of country, folk, roots, and Americana music we're all wrapped up in. With songs and lyrics pulled from real life experience, there's a grounded feeling to his stories, a confessional quality that rings true to those who know. His voice fills the room like cigarette smoke, curling into every corner of you, with a fine grit rasp that smooths out every rough edge. It lingers hours, days, after you've left the bar - turns of phrase that tumble around your mind, bittersweet and familiar. He sings as deeply about the love he holds as the love he's lost and there's something so broken-in and comfortable about that Southern inflection that every song feels like coming home. Sharing stages with musicians on the rise such as Zach Bryan, Arlo McKinley and Mike and the Moonpies, Drayton has quickly gained a loyal fan base.


You can listen to Drayton’s latest album, A Hard up Life, wherever you get your music. 


Formed in the small town of Greenville, Texas, The Weathered Souls are

foraging the path of modern day Rock and Roll, meshing the classic rock vibe with

heavier, electric elements. Over many studio sessions, The Weathered Souls connected

on their love of classic and pure rock bands such as AC/DC, but have enjoyed bringing

their youthful twist and energy into this perennial, and ‘weathered’ genre. Even

though the band is new on the scene, they have secured high profile shows opening

for Whiskey Myers, Read Southall Band and Goodbye June. The band is currently

writing and recording their debut album that will continue pushing the boundary of

their sound and demonstrate their focus on musical diversity that brings a distinct,

rousing twist of Texas country and southern rock.


Possessed by Paul James

After 20 plus years working within the realms of special education & advocacy work, Konrad Wert known as the band Possessed by Paul James, finally finds himself performing & sharing his music full time since July of 2021. While raising a family in Texas & working a 50 hr work week within the classroom, Wert has still been able to release 5 full length albums, two of which topped Bluegrass Billboard charts in 2013 & 2020. Possessed by Paul James’s upcoming 6th album, titled Fighting For Our Own Survival, set to release this upcoming year, highlights life’s passage with such tracks as See You On Sunday; recorded live here with WAF in Laramie, Wyoming & accompanied by Joe Macheret on fiddle.

4OTF_OnStage_KathleenAmbre_FirstAvenue small.jpg
4OTF 3.png

"This is Rock'n'Roll in the 21st century."

Joining together in the name of fun & joy, the 4onthefloor bring their well-oiled, high-octane, rock’n’roll to the world with an immediacy rarely seen on stage in the 21st century. The furious delivery ebbs and flows with sing-a-long anthems and breakdowns to soaring guitar solos and unbridled full-bore rock. Camaraderie is a common theme, and stompers are finding like-minded rock’n’rollers at every show.

Hailing from Minnesota, they take the heavy road route, grooving in the tracks of so many rubber to the road musicians before them. Following in the footsteps of some of the band’s influences, being on the road plays a large role in the writing. The merriment must come from all angles, including the stage for a memorable show and the 4onthefloor BRING IT. Douglas writes about experiences, failures, successes, and not-so-much the what-could-have-beens. Life is for the living and this is the soundtrack to a life well-lived. Keep the fire in your eyes.

mike poot.jpeg

Mike Poot

A local out of Farmington, MN, Mike Poot plays what he calls "heartfelt, raw acoustic country, folk, rock, and blues."


Space Jam

Space Jam is a local jam band that consists of talented, experienced musicians. Their style is a unique blend of everything from blues guitar, rock, funk, and reggae to classic 60's and 70's hits. A local fan-favorite as an almost "house band" for a bar and grill in Chaska, the local community will be delighted to see these talented performers on their home field.

Whether you’re looking for live, upbeat music or just want to come out and relax during a great fall day, Space Jam has something for everyone. Come join them and experience their unique sound for yourself!

BRD flyer.jpeg

Becky Rae Dalton

Following two decades of composing and performing music, Becky Rae Dalton, a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, remains engaged in the Twin Cities music landscape, establishing connections with crowds through her commanding vocals, captivating lyrics, and genuine stage presence. Her alternative folk-country style captures the essence of summer's waning days, crafting a vibe that is both soothing and vibrant.

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